Information to help you

Westfield Garage believes in providing an excellent and professional service in addition to allowing motorist to make informed decisions based on the best available advice. To this end we have produced several highly relevant articles within the categories above.

The first category, Tyre Treads, is designed to assist motorist to choose the right kind of tyres to fit their particular motoring needs. Having read this article, motorist will not be at the mercy of garages and tyre fitting companies eager to move stock for tyre manufacturers and dealerships.

The second category, Tyre Wear, looks at various types of tyre wear patterns. Having read this article, motorist will be able to identify the underlying mechanical problems with their vehicle that are associated with excessive or uneven tyre wear.

The third category, Tyre Rotation, shows motorist the correct way to rotate their wheels so that the wear caused by road camber is evenly spread over all tyre, therefore prolonging their life. Diligently rotating tyres/wheel on the vehicle will not prevent excessive wear caused by mechanical faults as outlined above.

The fourth category, Tracking, goes some way to explaining the importance of having the wheels on your vehicle within the alignment tolerances recommended by your vehicles manufacture. Misalignment is the single major cause of excessive outer-rim tyre wear.

The fifth category, Battery, shows motorist how to clean and care for their vehicles battery. Poorly maintained batteries are one of the main causes of vehicle start failure and breakdowns.

The last category, S/H Cars, is a very informed article designed to assist motorist in choosing and identifying problems in second hand vehicles. If you are considering buying a second hand vehicle either privately or from an auction or dealer you will not go far wrong in printing a copy of this article to take with you as a reference.

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